Step 1. Schedule Free Estimate

Request EstimateCall 623-606-7610 to schedule a free in-home estimate. Based on your availability and our schedule, we will set up a date and time when we will come to your house and see exactly what you would like to have done. After going over all the information necessary we will provide you with a written proposal.

Step 2. Select Your Stone Material

Find Stone MaterialIn Stone and Quartz, the variety of what you can get is endless. Because of that, we encourage all our customers to visit the big suppliers situated all over the Valley to view and select the various options. When you go to select your material, it can be very helpful to also bring a tile off the existing floor, a cabinet drawer, wallpaper, and any other items that may be helpful in matching the desired color for your new tops.

Step 3. Templating & Fabrication

Template & MeasurementBased on the measurements & template we took from your home we will lay out your project on the granite slabs and start the cutting of your natural stone material. We will look for best spot & matching of the seam taking in consideration veining and grains.

We will complete the cutting edging and polishing in our facility, leaving just minor adjustments to be done on the job site.

Step 4. Tear Out & Installation

Tear Out & InstallationInstallation itself generally will take up most of the day. We start with removing your old counters and disconnecting the plumbing. We ask you to clear all your tops and leave a clear path for the installers to carry in your new tops. After installing your countertops, final adjustment and cuts are made.

Over the years we at Mirage Marble & Granite learned how important is to satisfy our clients with great craftsmanship and a clean job site at the end of the day. We take pride in what we do as you can read in our testimonials and we promise to keep our standards high in the future too!

On installation day, we will remove your old counters and disconnect the plumbing (please remove all items from the cabinet under the sink). At the end of the day, we clean up and haul everything away.