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The durability and natural splendor of Granite is without question unparalleled. Granite is undoubtedly an excellent material for home remodeling because it brings together looks with ever-lasting quality. With granite countertops, virtually any home can obtain a pretty one of a kind and distinctive look that almost no other material offers.

Compared with all kinds of other materials used in home renovations, every single piece of Granite has a unique pattern and tone which gives it its one of a kind appeal. Granite is an ideal material for work tops including kitchen countertops. Its sturdiness and ability to stand up to wear and tear along with its attractiveness allow it to be a perfect choice for home builders.

Due to the excessive resistance and robustness, Granite is the perfect material for bathrooms and cooking areas. It will not be affected by high temperatures, scarring or moisture as opposed to several other materials in the home. Granite will be unaffected by boiling water or perhaps a hot curling iron: Because of this it’s the ideal material typically located in bathrooms and kitchens in houses everywhere.

Granite does not require any maintenance unlike surfaces from wood or other types of stone. Granite countertops may easily be clean with a wet cloth. Another advantage of Granite is its rather affordable price.

Available in many different thicknesses, finishes, hues and shades, granite counter tops can be manufactured to compliment most any home decor, from the most sophisticated elegance, to more natural, old-fashioned charm.

Kitchens and bathrooms that have Granite countertops add big value to virtually any home. It will last for a life-time and its natural splendor won’t ever fade.

We are proud to be able to offer a excellent natural material such as Granite in a time where almost nothing was made to last. Allow Mirage Marble & Granite help you with your upcoming home improvement project! Go for Granite, the material that will last!!

BJ was very helpful when we were beginning the upgrade and throughout the remodel. We had a good idea of what we wanted and he offered great advice when we were unsure. His crew was on time, they worked very hard and the whole process was fast and easy. We had issues with our home and BJ was able to help us find the best solutions. The end results are breathtaking! I would recommend Mirage!

Rating:5 of 5 5 of 5 stars
Sincerely, Jim D.

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