Phoenix Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Island Countertops

Don’t just think of remodeling your outdoor space – it’s time you upgrade it! More and more people are enjoying time in the backyards – from spending quality time with family to entertaining friends. An outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to become a great host. But to properly handle the needs of your guests, you need enough counter space for preparing and serving food.

Outdoor kitchen and barbecue island countertops are perfect not just for entertaining but also provide a beautiful and relaxing alternative to indoor dining. With your outdoor space, you want to make sure you get the right outdoor granite countertops that are both beautiful and functional.

At Mirage Marble & Granite, we offer a variety of high-quality outdoor granite countertops (and more) that will add value to your home. For a free in-home estimate, call 623-606-7610.

Outdoor Countertops & BBQ Island Countertops in Phoenix AZ

Best Material for Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

Granite is one of the best materials for homeowners to use for their outdoor kitchen. Granite is an igneous rock made from the slow crystallization of magma below the surface of the earth. It is composed of quartz along with many mineral impurities present on the surface during its formation.

Since granite is stain-resistant and highly durable, they make for a popular choice for outdoor countertops in Phoenix. As one of the hardest materials known to man, these can last for years and requires little to no maintenance. The only thing you need to do is regular sealing to close up the naturally porous surface.

Beautiful Outdoor Granite Countertop Options

Once you have decided that a granite countertop is the right choice for your outdoor kitchen area, it’s time to pick the design. We offer a variety of granite countertops in different patterns and colors. Different minerals present in the granite give it its unique colors and patterns. You need to pick the one that complements your outdoor area perfectly.

Here are some of the top granite designs for you to choose from –

  • White Granite – Opt for white granite for a classic and fresh look. They are unique and offer timeless beauty to your outdoor kitchen’s design.
  • Moon White Granite – These feature delicate and intricate patterns of grains. Jet black, grey, silver, and ivory spots together make for a stunning appearance.
  • Black Granite – For those who love solid colors, black granite is a perfect choice. They can easily be combined with different outdoor designs to create the perfect balance of light and dark.
  • Black Galaxy Granite – This granite comes with an overall black granite stone with tiny white and gold drops that create a luxurious effect in your outdoor kitchen.
  • Black Pearl Granite – This dark granite features black color with specks of gold, silver, brown, green, and gray shades for added interest.
  • Brown and Gold Granite – If you want to make a statement in your outdoor kitchen, choose this granite type. These add a fresh and ethereal look with their earthy tone to your countertop.
  • Gray Granite – Countertops made of gray granite are beautiful, elegant, and classy looking. With this granite, you will gray shade with striking flecks in different colors of rusts, reds, golds, creams, and others.

If you want to upgrade your outdoor countertop or create a completely new outdoor space, granite countertops are the perfect option. Choose Mirage Marble & Granite, serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, for an amazing selection of outdoor granite countertops. Call 623-606-7610 for a free estimate.